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Cover Story
Dr BrianTo
is aglobal strategist and senior practiceprofessor
withover six advanceddegrees inbusiness,management, policy, Chinese
business andmanaging change. He consults to several Asiangovernments
andmilitaries, Fortune500 corporations andultra-highnetworth individuals
and their family-ownedbusinesses inAsiaandNorthAmerica. Exclusive to
, DrTooutlinedhis vision for transformingMacau.
ecent decisions and the general direction of the
central government in China on unethical behavior
haveundoubtedlybeen feltbyall thegamingoperations
inMacau and in other gaming locations in the region.
Whilst a knee-jerk management reaction may well
be to manage cost downwards, this is actually very short sighted.
Such cost cutting typically highlights an organization’s service
delivery gaps, unnecessarily declines staff morale and productivity
and creates opportunities for employee dissatisfaction leading to
perpetual grumbling.
No business professor would argue against the notion that
downsizing (often euphemistically referred to as “right sizing”)
bringsaboutchangewith itsconcomitantuncertainty foremployees,
whenwhat is actually needed is leadership that reinforces trust and
productivity. Downsizing and rationalizing gaming and hospitality
operations is an obvious first choice for those lacking in wisdom
and innovative capability. A case inpoint isGenting’sResortsWorld
New York. A recent skirmish betweenmanagement and employees
has resulted in a number of dining outlets in the property closing,
including theall-important in-housebuffet. Those familiarwithF&B
operations in North American casinos will immediately recognize
the stupidity of this decision, regardless of the nature of the
underlying dispute.
The growth of Asian gaming has been widespread over the last
decade. Despite a rocky road over the last 18 months the long-
term prognosis is for continued proliferation. Extension of the
worldwide gaming expansion even further afield toRussia, central
Europe and perhaps North Africa doesn’t seem so distant now.
Even Macau operators are sharpening their pencils in pursuit of
growth plans, revenue expansion and increased global market
“Clearlymuchdeliberation, analysisanddesignhasbeen invested in creatingnew
integratedresortsandothergamingoperations inMacauandelsewhere in southeastAsia.
Whilst it’sdifficult to challenge the speedand impressivenessofmanyof thesenewphysical
giants, it ismoredifficult toagree that therangeof softwarewithin thesemammoth
structureshasmadeanequally impressive impressiononourminds.”
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