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teaches strategy
to themilitariesof a
numberof countries
Navy strategyand leadership class
and every interaction conveyed enthusiasm,motivation and genuine
interest. Imagine line staff having the ability to discuss professional
effectiveness inbusiness terms?
Welcome toHaloService.
Halo Service is an elite form of service that when delivered
induces not just satisfaction but emotions such as surprise,
fulfilment, joy or inspiration to a potentially addictive extent. Halo
Service is characterized by an absolute obsession with the needs of
the service recipient and blends the task deliveredwith the behavior
and styleof delivery in an engaging, sensitive and authenticmanner.
Halo Service is the antithesis of the regulation low-grade service
we so often see in Macau today – those monkey-see-monkey-do
artificiallymimickedbehaviors, salutations and actions.
Macau’s latestwaveof integrated resorts, casinosandshopping
Cover Story
havens are ideally poised to provide leadership and innovation in
deliveringHalo Service, given they are new and relatively devoid of
legacy issues. These properties can be great test beds, providing
the opportunity to experiment in numerous strategic areas such
as facilities, service delivery models, retail, MICE, hospitality,
entertainment, recreation and many more. Operating within a
hypercompetitive and global environment that will be continually
fiercely competitive, itwouldbewise to createaMacau that focuses
onHalo Service, ensuring continuous global leadership in gaming,
hospitality, leisure, recreation and so on. A great foundation exists
in Macau, but so much more work needs to be executed as a
regional priority.
Halo Service is not limited to a company’s customers.
Consider Google in California and study their incredibly pro-active
Navy seals classmates
doesn’t limithimself to the classroomwhen teachingmilitary strategy
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