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than they’re likely to get under the government’s table cap. “Sports
book lounges fill up space, attract new clientele, plus keep clientele
on thefloor longer,”Mr Lepposays. “With limitson tables, theyneed
to fill the space.”
“Theoperatorwouldneed toevaluate theprofitabilityof thespace
that the slot machines take up versus the space that a sports book
would take up, if they are trading out space,” The InnovationGroup
CEODavidRittvonotes. “If theywere tousepreviouslyunderutilized
space on the casino floor, then the evaluation would be different.
Sports books represent an interesting opportunity to explore a new
market in Macau, but like most of the other gaming products, it
shouldbe catered to themarket.”
Sports wagering in casinos could provide some particular benefits
for Macau beyond filling floor space. “It’s disappointing that there
are no really good sports books in Macau because I would very
much like to put down a small wager and then spend a few hours
watching a game,” says
South ChinaMorning Post
Sports Columnist
Tim Noonan. He believes sports book lounges would enliven the
“almost joyless” atmosphere on Macau gaming floors and make
themmorewelcoming. “The key element for agood sportsbook is it
has to createabuzz, therehas tobea fun vibe. They are, after all, the
ultimate sports bars.”
The Las Vegas version of these sports-fan fantasy lands include
“movie theater size projection screens, lounge seating, ambience,
even VIP seating with bottle service normally found in nightclubs,”
Global Market Advisors Partner Andrew Klebanow, a Las Vegas
resident, says. Sands China’s parent company Las Vegas Sands has
state-of-the-art sports books in its Venetian and Palazzo resorts in
Las Vegas, operated by CG Technologies, formerly Cantor Gaming.
just money, Mr Siu believes. “More variety of different gamesmade
available to players may be quite likely to elevate the atmosphere
of the casino resort as an integrated entertainment venue, hence
attractingdifferent typeof customers.”
“Having a sports book diversifies and completes our product
offering in Solaire,” parent company Bloomberry Resorts’ Director
of Investor Relation Leo Venezuela says. “By having this diversified
and complete product offering, there is no longer any excuse for our
customers to leave theproperty.”
“The goal of the casino operator is for the customer to spend as
much timeandmoneyaspossible there,”FoorballBet.comChairman
and CEO David Leppo says. His firm operates sports books in
casinos in Cambodia and Laos as well as online betting though its
website. He says casinos and sports books complement each other,
and expanding sports wagering in Macau “benefits everybody,”
particularly with new Cotai resorts built for hundreds more tables
“Havinga sportsbookdiversifiesand
completesourproductoffering inSolaire,”
parent companyBloomberryResorts’
Directorof InvestorRelationLeoVenezuela
says. “Byhaving thisdiversifiedand
completeproductoffering, there isno
longeranyexcuse forour customers to
leave theproperty.”
“Thekeyelement foragood sports
book is ithas to createabuzz, there
has tobea funvibe.Theyare, afterall,
theultimate sportsbars.”
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