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In Focus
bookmakers coming on board. More than half of eSports betting
comes from Asia, a quarter from China, according to an Eilers
Research white paper issued in August. Across the globe, driven by
intense competition among savvy entrepreneurs, sports wagering is
racing ahead faster than Usain Bolt (at 0.25:1 to win) stretching for
the tape.
But not inMacau. As inHong Kong, sports wagering inMacau
remains under amonopoly. SJMHoldings affiliateMacau Slot takes
betson football (soccer toAmericans) andbasketball at 10 locations
around Macau, five in or around casinos operated by SJM or its
satellites, as well as through phone and online accounts. Last year
Macau Slot delivered revenue of 736million patacas ($92 million),
equivalent to less than 1%of theHK$78.2billionbeton football alone
with itscross-deltacounterpart, theHongKong JockeyClub.Macau’s
government seemingly finds Macau Slot’s performance acceptable
since it extended themonopoly for a year, just aheadof the 30th June
Gaming regulation experts agree Macau’s monopoly is a bad idea.
“No tourist will take a taxi orwalkmiles across the city toplace abet
on tonight’s soccer game,”Macaugaming law expert JorgeGodinho
says. “At a timewhen there is concern about the slowing revenue of
gamesof chance, sportsbetting seems tobe theobviouseasyway to
raise additional revenue.” University of Macau Associate Professor
of Business Economics Ricardo Siu estimates sports wagering in
casinos would double the current take. Considering what ending
the monopoly has done for casino revenue, that estimate appears
The lack of sports betting in casinos costs Macau more than
In-running (or in-game)bettingwithodds
calculatedwith thereal timeprecisionof
financial tradingandprovidedby the likes
of investmentbankCantorFitzgerald’sCG
Technology, hasrevolutionized the sports
wageringmenuand isestimated toaccount
for75%of thebettinghandle.
bequite likely
toelevate the
the casinoresort
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