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Time is of the essence to all manufacturers. It’s costly if things
aren’t turned around quickly enough. Our focus is tomake sure we
complete our testing thoroughly, accurately and quickly so that our
supplier customers can get their products to themarket at the right
time, andnoone loses out.
In Macau especially, it seems regulations are changing
constantly.What doyoudo to try tokeepupwith that?
For nearly nine years, GLI has had a permanent lab in Macau,
staffed primarily with local residents. Our staff frequently visit
with the DICJ [Macau’s gaming regulator]. They’re canvassing the
operations floors of the casinos. They’re trying to keep abreast of all
the changes that arehappening.
And each property has its own uniqueness, and it’s to try and
interpret that back and talk to theDICJ at the same time. You’ve got
tohavepeopleon the ground, you’ve got tohave local commitment.
We are committed to the jurisdictionswedeal in, andnine timesout
of tenwehave staffon the ground.
One of the big current issues in Macau is the need to
implement videocaptureonEGMs.
That is another dynamic one has to contend with and we
have manufacturers that have already proposed a solution to the
video capture and it is a product that is running on certain casino
floors already, and I have seen the product and we have other
manufacturers who have seen that product. It’s a device that is
installed separate to the gamingmachine and does not have to be
physically put into the game.
What about markets like Cambodia or Vietnam that are
perhaps considered fairly lax in termsof regulation?
They have come to understand the benefits that come with
proper regulation, and they are seeking tobecome regulated in some
way.Manyof these jurisdictionswant to tap into theChinesemarket,
whereplayersmay be looking for an alternative toMacau.
Asia is a very varied region in terms of regulation in each
jurisdiction. So you just need to keep on top of everything,
don’t you?
Well, we do. And we just had another gentlemen join us by the
nameofPhilipHarrison.He’sasenior regulatoryQAandcompliance
manager and his task is to travel Asia extensively and just keep in
touch with whatever’s going on. And James Maida, president and
CEO of GLI, has given full authority for GLI to spend thatmoney on
behalf of the industry. It’s money that we don’t recoup back from
anyone. It is an expense, but we have to commit to it. Flying in and
out, day in andday out.
Doyoualso try toadvise regulators in somecapacity?
While we consult and advise, ultimately we sit totally impartially
in the regulation.We have to abide bywhat the regulatorswant, and
ultimately they arewhowe represent.
Verify+byKobetron isahandy
portabledevice that replacesGLI
Verify, allowingoperators toverify
the signatureof electronicgaming
machineson the casinofloor.
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