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advent of increasingly sophisticated video slots, lottery products,
server-based and other technologically-advanced gaming systems,
online and mobile game platforms and ancillary gaming products
ranging from ticket printers tobill acceptors for agrowingnumber of
local, state and federal regulatory authorities.
GLI has proven more than able to meet the industry’s rapidly
evolving demands, in the process becoming the world’s leading
gaming testing lab and technical consultancy, now serving more
than 475 global jurisdictions, more than 130 of which exclusively
accept GLI certification letters. It also continues to be a pioneer and
innovator in the field. Moving beyond testing and certification, GLI
has started toofferwhat it describes as “awide rangeof information
security services togamingandnon-gaming companies, fromaudits
and training to the application of new processes and ultimately
“We’reexpanding inAsiaverymuch,”commentsMrdeRobillard.
GLI is now the largest service provider of its kind in the regionwith
three labs inAustralia andone inMacauwith a total complement of
75 staff. Mr de Robilliard adds: “Our multiple locations in the Asia
Pacific region give us many advantages over our competitors that
enable us to better serve our customers. For example, threeMacau-
based engineers are relocating to Australia for cross-training and
specialized training aswe look to expandour reach and furthermeet
customer needs.”
In pursuit of its ceaseless mission to meet evolving customer
needs, GLI has beengrowing its laboratory capacity in the region.
GLI Australia physically expanded one of its Australia locations
this year, growing from 1,000 squaremeters to 1,600 squaremeters
in Adelaide, and plans are in development for growth in the Sydney
location. Across the business, GLI Australia has increased staffing
levels to accommodate continually increasing demand, adding 21
new staffmembers so far this year.
“At GLI, we are very customer-focused. One ofmany things that
separates GLI from competitors is we actively listen to customer
needs and respond in many creative ways to increase levels of
customer service. It’s that very focused teameffort, dedication toour
clients’ needs and a good deal of hard work that has helped us to
become the leading lab inAsiaPacific,” saysMr deRobillard
Inside Asian Gaming
spoke further withMr de Robilliard during
G2EAsia aboutGLI’s commitment to the region.
:What is yourmain focus inAsia?
My focus is to listen to thecustomer.Currently,
there’s a considerable amount of transitioning happening in Asia
with regards to regulationsand that cancreateanunsettlingsituation
for regulators, suppliers and operators. We listen to their journey,
understand where they’re going, and work with them to streamline
their process.
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