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International continuesgrowing
itspresenceacross the region
aming Laboratories international took the occasion
of the recentGlobalGamingExpoAsiaat theVenetian
Macao to showcase the new Verify+ by Kobetron™
verification tool to customers in the region.
Verify+ by Kobetron is a handy portable device that
replaces GLI Verify, allowing operators to verify the signature of
electronic gaming machines on the casino floor. “With Kobetron,
operators don’t need to bring a computer or other device to the
casino,” explainsGLI AustraliaCOOEspeedeRobillard. “They simply
go to theEGM, open it, takeout theCFcard, put in theCFcard, orput
thememory chipSD into the slot in theKobetrondevice to verify that
the signature and software of that machine is exactly what is on the
certified document that was issued originally. If there is any change
in signature, that means themachine has been corrupted. Themost
critical thing in thecasino isensuring theprogram running in theEGM
is the same version, sameprogram thatwas certified in the lab.”
In addition to Kobetron, GLI has developed a portfolio of
exclusive tools thatmake it a lot easier forgamingsuppliers toaccess
First there’s the patented GLI Link®, which was created with a
keen eye on the Asianmarketplace. It allows device testing against
systems from any of GLI’s global locations, saving time andmoney
and speeding time to market. Before GLI Link, suppliers had to
physically ship devices for testing. Now they simply bring them to
their local GLI lab.
Then when testing and certification are complete, suppliers can
takeadvantageof theexclusivePoint.Click.Transfer.
service tomove
previously certifiedproducts into jurisdictions around theworldwith
the click of amouse.
GLiCloud® is another time-saver that provides a whole new
level of access bywhich regulators can track an entire gamingfloor’s
softwareandhardwareand thecompliancestatusof all components.
It’s cloud-based, as the name says, designed to allow users to tap
into GLI’s global database in real time so that their information is
alwaysup todateandaccurate. Itprovidesoversight and reportingof
activities and tasks, and it’s entirely automated to eliminate human
error. Significantly, it also links toGLIMobile, the downloadable app
that allows regulators and suppliers alike to access GLI’s database
on the go, facilitating 24/7 access to the lab in a secure, password-
protected environment.
When Gaming Laboratories International was founded in 1989,
the testing of gaming equipment primarily revolved around the
mechanical reel slotmachine.
Today, the task has become exponentiallymore difficult with the
Asia to
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