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player who’s opted for the biggest gamble—10 free games and
a multiplier up to 40 times—could end up with 25 free games,
all times 40.
Standalone progressives provide an important third element
to the mix. Aristocrat believes strongly in their wider regional
appeal and has dedicated a lot of innovative thinking to them with
series like Jackpot Streak, Gold Pays and Quick Fire. The company
is particularly strong for Quick Fire and is supporting it with four
medium-volatility titles: Golden Peach, Panda Paradise, Electric
Boogaloo and Pharaoh’s Ransom. In Golden Peach, any three, four
or five scatter symbols trigger the free games feature, during which
In Focus
stacks of symbols appear on reels 2, 3 and 4, and each game starts
with the symbols on one of the reels randomly transformed into
wilds. “Mini”and “Minor” jackpots canbewon in the featureaswell,
andmultiple jackpots can be won on a single spin. Panda Paradise
and Electric Boogaloo offer similarly integrated jackpots in the base
game for frequent awards, andplayersalsoenjoy a chance toplay for
jackpots in the featurewith the “stickywild” generatingmore five-of-
a-kind pays. The 4 x 5matrix in both incorporates heavy stacking of
symbols and a jackpot qualifier on reel 5.
“At G2E our theme for the show was ‘The Next Level,’ and, of
course, it’s always about that,” says Mr Kelly. “It’s always about
taking it up to the next level, not resting on our laurels and saying,
‘Well, we’re as good as we’re going to be,’ because that cannot
possiblybe true. But youhave toworkhardat keeping that going.We
invest considerably indoing that tomake sure, for ourselves and for
our customers, thatwe’rebringingnew things to themarket thatwill
exciteplayers and entertain them.”
It’s been a new experience for the UK native, and like most
newcomers to the industry—he joined Aristocrat only last January
after more than a quarter-century in executive roles in hospitality,
pubs and beverage sales in Britain, Hong Kong and Australia—he
finds it fascinating.
“It has more dimensions to it because we’ve got the massive
investment that we make in our product through our creativity,
through our technology,” he says. “I saw the size of our R&D spend
compared to what I’ve been used to—it’s mind-blowing. But that’s
something we have to do to make sure our product stays fresh,
relevant and embraces all the creativity and technology that we see,
and you’ve just seen, in theHelix™. And itmakes it an excitingplace
Asa formergeneralmanager forCarlsbergHK,he’snonewcomer
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spent with LionNathan, the continent’s leadingbrewer (thinkXXXX,
Boags, Tooheys), now part of Japan’s multinational Kirin group,
frequently took him back to the Fragrant Harbour and occasionally
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