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Slant Super Screen, to accommodate any size floor, and each is
distinguishedby clean, curved lines finishedwith customizable edge
andpinstripe lighting around a champagne-hued exterior that’sboth
elegant and reassuring. And players will instantly respond to the
comfort that’s built into it, the culminationof some industry-leading
ergonomic research that factors a range ofmale and female heights
into ensuring that sight lines are effortless, that leg room is ample
and the interactiveLCDbuttondeck iswithineasy reach,well-padded
and just the right elevation from the floor.
“Playershave toldus in research, ‘Yes, yes, yes,’ but it’swhen they
have the opportunity to go into their favorite venue and play it, then
we’ll know,” saysMr Kelly. “And, as I say, so far sogood. InAustralia,
where it’son thefloor, it’sdoingverynicely forus.Andgoing through
into theAmericas, we’ll get thenumbers from there, andwe’repretty
confident we will see the same. And certainly the feedback from our
customers…when they say to us, ‘Yep, this is good,’ it carries a lot
of weight.”
The strategic thinking is no less exciting, for Helix™ not only
solidifies Aristocrat’s status as a premier innovator in an intensely
competitive industry rich with innovation, it provides the Australia-
based slots and systems giant with one of its most compelling
opportunities yet for injecting new energy into proven performers.
Given the lead it enjoys acrossmost of Asia, the approach to game
development, particularly inMacau, whereAristocrat has themarket
leading position, relies heavily on leveraging the core portfolio and
its vauntedmathmodels, the formula that struck a chord that still
resounds with China’s gambling-minded players and largely started
machine gaming in Macau on the road to the US$1.7 billion-plus
business it is today.
TheLegendsseries—5DragonsDeluxe, 50DragonsDeluxe, 5Koi
Legends andFortuneKingDeluxe—is apotent example. AtG2EAsia
lastMaywe saw the additionof 5DragonsGOLD with its improved
graphical interfaceandmix ofmultipliers (up to40 times in thebase
game) and enhanced Reel Power layout in which increased bets
In Focus
Making legends—
Helix’s screensare frameless, infinity-edged,
so theactionappear tofloataway from the
cabinet surface inplanesandproportions
thatare seamless, continuous, almost three-
dimensional.Combinedwithquad soundand
rear-surfaceambient lighting, the total effect
ismarvelous, completelyenveloping from
where theplayer sits.
“InAustralia it’sdoingverynicely forus,”
Pacific. “Andgoing through into theAmericas,
we’repretty confidentwewill see the same.
And certainly the feedback fromour customers
…when they say tous, ‘Yep, this isgood,’ it
carriesa lotofweight.”
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