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• a typeof smooth space curve, i.e. a curve in three-
dimensional space;
• the shape formedby a line that curves around and along a
central line;
• of or relating to the advancement tohigher levels through a
series of cyclicalmovements.
he company that created the most popular games on
Macau’s bustling slot floors has designed an exciting
new environment for its players to enjoy them in.
It’s called Helix™—“a cabinet with a few amazing
twists,”asAristocrat cheekily refers to its innovativenew
platform—and certainly thedescription is apt.
“Very simply it looksbetter and it doesmore,”saysVincentKelly,
who arrived inMacau in October as the company’s newmanaging
director–Asia Pacific. “One of my team described it as a graphics
In Focus
Playershaveneverexperienced their
favoriteAristocrat games like they
will on thenewHelix™
Helix™ is all that. Casinos inAustralia and theUS are deploying
it as we speak. Asia got its first look at this striking application of
Aristocrat’s technological prowess at the Macao Gaming Show
in November, and Mr Kelly expects it will be on Macau’s floors by
Christmas and then fanout regionally from there.
“We’ve had some very nice feedback from customers around the
world,”hesays. “Earlydays, but all thesignsareverypositive that it’s
doingwhat wehoped that it woulddo.”
What Helix™ does is reimagine the interaction between player
and game inways that have to be seen to be fully appreciated. New
processors in a souped-uphardware package power a dual 16:9 LED
back-lit interface. Both screens are a spacious 23 inches across (or
better yet, sample the 32-inchoptional Super Screen) and fullyHDat
adazzling 1,080pixels.
But here’s the “twist”—thedisplaysare frameless, infinity-edged,
so the action appears to float away from the cabinet surface in
planes andproportions that are seamless, continuous, almost three-
dimensional. 5Dragons’ luckymonster head talisman seems to leap
into independent space in vivid, lifelike contours. FortuneKingChoy
SunDoa showers his coins into an illusionof thin air.
Combined with quad sound boosted by a ported, enclosed
subwoofer and rear-surface ambient lighting, the total effect is
marvelous, completely enveloping from where the player sits. The
lighting also can be controlled to draw attention when the game is
idle—not that attracting players will be difficult given the market-
leading content that finds Aristocrat, a decade on, still firmly in
possessionof the largest shareofMacau’s floors.
Helix™ comes in three stylish models, Upright, Slant and
,managingdirector‒AsiaPacific, Aristocrat
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