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Electronic roulette
aswe know itwas largely the inventionof
Alfastreet, which emerged in 1994 from the furniture factory of
the Počkaj family inRodik, Slovenia, tobecome a global e-table
leader by virtue of a spirit of innovation that hasn’t flagged in
20 years and never wavers from a commitment to Old World
standards of engineering, craftsmanship and service.
The company’s flagship multiplayer platform, the R8, is
the embodiment of these traits: elegant, durable, immensely
scalable—it strikes that balancebetween technological panache
and fidelity to the “spirit of the game” which for Alfastreet
represents the apex of achievement.
“Our philosophy is tomake thegames simple and efficient.
That is our main goal when we develop any game,” says Sales
Director Albert Radman. “We do modify our games to suit
specificmarkets, but the basis is always the same. Simple and
TheR8 is the “reference” for every ETGmanufacturer that’s
come after, as he sees it, and not without some justification.
It’s carried Alfastreet to dominance in Cambodia’s 70-casino
market, bothon the borders and atNagaWorld, where the R8’s
myriad strengths, principally as an automated rouletteoffering,
have captured amajority of the Phnom Penhmonopoly’s 400-
plus ETG seats.
“They conquered Cambodia very early on,” says Silver
Heritage’s Tim Shepherd. “When Poipet opened up they were
there, andas casinosgrewup in the2000’s, andupuntil today,
you can’t open a casino and expect to succeedon the EGT side
without at least one eight-seater Alfa.”
The R8’s ergonomics has a lot to do with that. Supported
by rigorous pre-release testing it plays out in ample leg room, a
spacious23-inchplayer interfaceand in thewayeachseat relates
to itsslightlyconvexscreensurface (upgraded recentlywith fully
adjustableRGBLED lighting) and to the centrally placedwheel.
Just this year, a more compact version was unveiled, the
four-seat R4, so the quality and performance are now available
at a size and price more amenable to smaller operations, a
strong selling point in Asia’s vibrant medium-tier casino and
“Our goals are clear,” says Mr Radman, “we would like to
see at least oneAlfastreetmachine in each casino and club.”
If it happens, the flexible, single terminal SLwill be another
big reasonwhy.
The SL is the backbone of a rich multi-game offering
comprised of popular e-versions of sic bo, baccarat, craps
and an array of proprietary games that includes a big wheel
unveiled earlier this year—Alfastreet Wheel of Fortune, it’s
called, available both in live and automated versions—and an
innovative virtual horseracing platform called Royal Derby that
is being readied for release.
The SL alsohas enabledAlfastreet to compete for a healthy
share of the stadium-style configurations that are growing in
popularity across the region,most notably in Singapore, where
optimal performance is a must because ETG seats count
against both casinos’ statutory cap of 2,500 machine games.
Alfastreet controls an estimated 35% of those precious seats,
good for second-most in the market. So it’s not surprising
that the company continues to reinvest in the platform. Recent
upgrades include a 23-inchmonitor, anoptional second-screen
and live video feed and full game statistics. Themore plush SL
Gold, identifiable by its namesake trim and richer wood and
carbon insets, comes with R8-style adjustable lighting and
supports optional control via smartphone. The latest iteration,
theWIKY, sportsanentirelynew lookaroundamoreminimalist
base andon top features awhopping 32-inchplayer interface.
—big casino
qualityat a small casinoprice.
Upgrades areaddinga
new chapter to the
success story.
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