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comment on CNMI, saying any announcement would come from
Imperial Pacific.
Marianas Stars Entertainment, a partnership between Mega
Stars and a subsidiary of Hong Kong-listed Chinese Strategic
Holdings, says it has no other ties to gaming. However, Mega Stars
Chief Financial Officer Henry Leung says the Saipan casino it wants
tobuild, aswell as its TinianDynasty renovation and expansion, will
OnmoredistantRota, a consortiumof
investors fromJapan,China, SouthKorea, the
PhilippinesandEgypt say theyarepreparing to
reopen theTreasure Island casino, closed since
March2011, and spendup to$500million to
build twofive-starresorts there.
The parent of Mega Stars’ Saipan partner, Hong Kong-
listed Chinese Strategic Holdings, disclosed that it has leased a
578,000-square-foot plot on Tinian and may apply for a casino
license. Separately, a joint venture including mainland China and
Taiwan investors isnegotiating to takeover a 1.36million-square-foot
Tinian beachfront site where a previous lessee planned a 405-room
casino resort andgolf course.
US-financed Bridge Investment Group holds a conditional gaming
licenseandconditional leaseon land tobuildwhat it callsTinianOcean
ViewResort.The$130millionpropertywill featurea replicaof theTitanic
with300hotel roomsandmemorabilia, aiming tocapitalizeonChinese
interest in the ill-fatedocean liner spurredby the 1997blockbuster film.
Asaconditionof its lease, theprojectwillalsorestore ferryserviceacross
thesix-milechannel betweenTinianandSaipan.
On more distant Rota, a consortium of investors from Japan,
China, SouthKorea, thePhilippines andEgypt say they arepreparing
to reopen the Treasure Island casino, closed sinceMarch 2011, and
spendup to$500million tobuild two five-star resorts there.
A company calledStrategicGamingSolutionsopenedamachine
gaming venue in June at a luxury resort on Saipan. Late last year,
before opting for casino development, the Saipan government, in a
bid to bring in new revenue, legalized electronic gaming in hotels
with more than 100 rooms or a golf course and airport departure
areas. A formal opening of the $4 million Club K at Kanoa Resort
is due this month, according to Strategic Gaming CEO Ben Lee, a
consultant and formerMacau casino executive.
Another Saipan resort is reportedly awaiting licensing toopen an
e-gaming club.
servedasanadvisor to theTinianCasino
GamingControlCommission in theearly ’90s,
saysUS lawenforcement suggestedTinian
adoptNewJersey’sregulationsas itsmodel.
“[We]all knew that itwasabigmistakeand
tried to interpretTinian law inaway thatwould
notbe sodifficult,”he says. “TheNewJersey
gaming lawwasdesigned foranurbangaming
environmentand forahigh-traffic casino.Tinian
neverwasable to secure thatkindofbase.”
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