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April 2014
Mr Oguchi has a 30-year track record of creating highly
valued entertainment. He joined SEGA in 1984—his first job
after graduation—leading the development of some of the
company’s most popular video and arcade games and rising up
the ranks to the position of president. In 2003, Japan’s largest
pachinko machine manufacturer, Sammy Corporation, bought
a controlling interest in SEGA, leading to the formation of SEGA
SAMMYHOLDINGS. Mr Oguchi held various postswithin the new
entityandwaseventuallyappointedchief creativeofficer in2008,
chargedwith overseeing all the creative endeavors of the group,
including development of both new video games and pachinko
products. When SEGA SAMMY CREATION was established last
June as a new division to make EGMs for casinos, he was the
obvious choice to lead it.
At his disposal are many of the talented game developers he
workedwith at SEGA, and he has instructed them to throw out all
the established concepts and come upwith entirely new ones. He
told them to imagine a keno game consisting of a huge tank of
water filledwithnumberedballs,witha real dolphin insidebringing
up randomballs todetermine theoutcomes. “Of course, itwouldn’t
passGLI,”hequips, “but that’s the example I gave them toget them
thinkingcompletelyoutof thebox.”
SEGA SAMMY CREATIONwill unveil its first products to the global
industryat thisyear’sG2EAsiaatTheVenetianMacao inMay.
Breaking into the Macau market is the holy grail for any new
Asia-focused EGM supplier, and SEGA SAMMY will come knocking
at an opportune time. Construction of the next wave of Cotai is in
full swing, and owing to the Macau government’s imposition of a
3% annual cap on the growth in the market-wide number of live
gaming tables—which stood at 5,750 at the endof 2013, according
to official figures—the table allocation granted tomost of the new
resortsslated toopen from2015willbemuchsmaller thanoperators
hadhoped for.Cotai’supcomingcasinoswill thereforeneed to install
moreelectronicgames tomeet the shortfall.
Furthermore, the limit on live tables has been driving up
minimum bets on Macau’s mass-market floors—it’s hard to find
tablesofferingminimums lower thanHK$1,000 (US$128) thesedays.
That compares withminimums ranging from US$7 to $50 at most
The first and second rings on SEGA SAMMY’s bigwheel game featureblackpositions
marked “Go” that allow theball toprogress to thenext ring. As theballmoves to
each successive ring thepayouts at eachnumberedpositionget bigger, andon the
thirdandoutermost ringare four positions triggeringa four-level progressive jackpot.
SEGASAMMYCREATION’supdateon thebigwheel
1,2,3,4,5,6,7 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,...48
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