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April 2014
it or double it, but because the public is watching and everyone
wants theplayer tokeepgoinghehas todecidewhether he takes it
or hehas theguts togoahead. So, again,making the casinoaplace
whereeveryone’senjoying themselvesandentertained.”
The casino of tomorrow, in his view, should also be more
communal. “One thing I learnedduringmy time creatingpachinko
and pachislot machines for Sammy is that the gaming industry
must find its place in society. There are about 12,000 pachinko
halls dotted around Japan—they are so connected to each
neighborhood, and they also function as places for people in local
society tomeet up and communicate. Pachinko is only able to be
so widespread because the public is comfortable with it. That’s
something thecasino industrycan learn from.Theyhave tobeseen
not justasplaces forpeople togoandgamble, butalso tohave fun,
tobe social and tonetwork.”
SEGASAMMYCREATION’sprimaryobjectiveat its inauguralG2EAsia
“is to show thepublicourphilosophy,what kindof companyweare,”
Across the various divisions of SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS, from
pachinko and mobile games to toys and animation, the focus is
entertainment, andMr Oguchi can draw on creative talents across
thegroup tohelp realizehis vision. Having adeep-pocketedparent
company provides obvious advantages. “We didn’t start out by
budgeting the products wewanted to develop,”he notes. “We just
set out to showhow SEGA SAMMYhas somethingdifferent tooffer
to the industry.”
While striving tobreak themold,MrOguchi is, however,mindful
of the need to make products “that fit the culture of the market.”
He adds, “Because our initial focus is to go into Asianmarkets, the
productswe’ll displayatG2EAsiaaredesigned specifically toattract
Recently, SEGA SAMMYHOLDINGShas provedwell in tunewith
what Asian consumers want. The group’smobile games business is
going gangbusters across the region, particularly in China, Taiwan,
Hong Kong and South Korea. The company is also co-developing
a US$800 million integrated resort near South Korea’s main
international airport at Incheonwith that country’s ParadiseGroup.
Mr Oguchi’s development teamwill undoubtedly benefit from the
insights gleaned at the foreigners-only casino there, whereChinese
playerswill likelydominate.
“Wewould like todo somethingoriginal for that casino,”he says,
though it’s not yet clear what that will be. He hadwanted to do a
giant projection of a casino game on the side of the property, “But
thatwon’tbepossiblebecauseof local restrictions,”hesays.“Also,we
wouldn’twant todistract thepilots landingat Incheonairport.”
“Itwouldbebetter if you spent
$1,000andgot $2,000worth
of entertainment, not spent
$1,000 trying towin$1millionbut
probably lost it all.”
“Game rules shouldbe simple. In
the simplicityof thegames there
andalso funandexcitement in the
anticipationof theoutcomes.”
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