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April 2014
casinos in Las Vegas and around theworld. Electronic table games
offer the perfect means to serve the large segment of customers
currentlynot contributing toMacau casino revenuesbecauseof the
SEGASAMMYCREATION iskeepingmostof thedetailsabout the
machines it plans to exhibit at G2E Asia under wraps until the big
unveiling at the show, but Mr Oguchi can share that there will be
three games: Sic Bo, baccarat and a bigwheel-style product, all of
which will come in an extra-large format.
“Having machines of that size is the best
way for us to showour creativity andwhat
SEGA has to offer,” he says. “But of course
that doesn’t mean all our games in future
will be sohuge.”
Inside Asian Gaming
was privileged to
get a glimpse of the wheel game during
a visit to the company’s Tokyo office last
month, when Mr Oguchi stated his basic
development principles: “Game rules
should be simple. In the simplicity of the
games there shouldbeadreamofwinning
bigandalso funandexcitement in theanticipationof theoutcomes.”
SEGA SAMMY CREATION’s big wheel encapsulates those
principles. It consists of three concentric rings with numbered
positionsaroundwhichaball spins.Thefirstandsecond rings feature
blackpositionsmarked“Go”thatallowtheball toprogresstothenext
ring. As the ball moves to each successive ring the payouts at each
numberedpositionget bigger, andon the third andoutermost ring
are fourpositions triggeringa four-level progressive jackpot.Thebet
screen is simple—players simplyplace awager on a singlenumber.
No sidebet isnecessary to chase the“dream”of abigwin, but larger
betshaveagreater chanceof hitting thehigher-level progressives.
“The game is full of anticipation as the ball moves around the
“Becauseour initial focus
is togo intoAsian
markets, theproducts
we’ll displayatG2EAsia
aredesigned specifically
toattract Asianand
rings. For us, that anticipation is entertainment,”assertsMr Oguchi.
“Put simply, agamingmachine is just amethodof determiningwho
wins and who loses. On each of our games we focus most of our
timeandeffort inmaking thedeterminationprocessasentertaining
as possible. Of course, there are some people—the hard-core
gamblers—whodon’t want tobepart of theprocess. But our focus
fornow is to serve thepeoplewhowant tohave fun.”
That segment of fun-seekers is set to grow rapidly as Macau’s
gaming market matures, he contends. “As
China’s economy grows, Chinese people’s
standards of living are changing, and we
believe theywill change inwhat theywant
in life. We want to be ahead of time and
alreadyprovide theMacaumarketwith the
products that Chinese and Asian people
will learn towant.”
In Macau, casinos still have broad
appeal acrossagegroups, but in theUS the
younger generations appear increasingly
uninterested in casino games, particularly
slot machines. “Young people are smart
enough to know the operators are the ones that win,” observes
Mr Oguchi. “Macau will change like Las Vegas did intomore of an
entertainment hub.” Thus, while he acknowledges many regional
operators are currently unwilling to meddle with the profitable
statusquo, he is confident“Theywill changeasAsiachanges”.
Inthe future,hewould liketocreategamingmachines forcasinos
that incorporate elements of arcade games, such as the driving or
motorcyclegames thatSEGAused toproduce. Pushing theenvelope
further,heproposesagame intendedtotakecenterstageonacasino
floor“where theplayerhas togoup steps toapodiumandeveryone
is watching. Then the player has to play a certain game in front of
everybody.Maybe theplayerhaswon$1,000, andhecaneither take
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