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June 2008 | INSIDE ASIAN GAMING 53 Hot Ticket TransAct’s best-selling thermal printer for slots Transact T ransAct Technologies Incorporated is widely regarded as the world’s leading company for financial transaction printers.This extensive experience has helped US-based and listedTransAct expand their gaming industry presence through the development of the acclaimed Epic 950®—a thermal printer for slots. Normally, the Epic 950 is tucked away out of sight inside slot machines, efficiently getting on with the task of transforming the slot industry into a Ticket In Ticket Out (TITO) business rather than a cash per play one. But, at G2E Asia, the Epic 950 will be on very public display at TransAct Technologies’ stand #525 where they are co-located with partner JCM Global. It’s a reminder to slot suppliers, gaming operators and the general public that this is a high quality piece of technology. In recognition of its qualities, the Epic 950 was recently named as the default printer for the world’s largest slot manufacturer,IGT. TransAct believes that key selling points for the Epic 950 include its innovative technology, reliability and ease of deployment. The printer is also suitable for use in the casino cage, increasing its flexibility. “It’s all about making sure customers maximize uptime on machines,” says Andrew Hanley, TransAct’s Sales Manager Asia Pacific, Global Gaming & Lottery Division. “Our highly reliable Epic 950 ensures casino properties are maximizing revenues and guarantees that the player experience is flawless.” TransAct offers innovative and flexible features that meet the needs of a diverse group of customers. For example, paper tray capacities are available to suit every market, from low intensity play to the most intensive use. “We offer 200-, 400- and 600-ticket trays,” says Mr Hanley. “The 600-ticket tray is obviously suited to markets with high intensity play. It’s all about ensuring the printers don’t have to be loaded too often. We also offer an extension that transforms the 600-ticket tray to an 800-ticket tray. It’s all about maximizing uptime by reducing the frequency of paper fills,” he adds. Another Epic advantage is that it is “hot swappable”. Slot machines do not need to be switched off in order to have a new printer fitted, saving valuable player time.“The printer has no leads attached. You can simply open the slot machine, pull the printer out, and replace it with another printer within about 10 seconds.” explains Mr Hanley. Because the Epic 950 offers two-colour printing, it can produce tickets sophisticated enough to carry marketing messages and allows tickets to double as sales literature for casino operators. In addition, its multi-language capability allows for marketing in different languages. “IGT’s decision to choose the Epic 950 as default printer for their slot products is something we are extremely proud of,” says Mr Hanley.“Their commitment shows faith in our company and in our product. A lot of people at TransAct have worked hard to make that happen.” “I now see my job as making sure that as many people as possible in the Asian gaming industry know about our brand and our product. We want people to understand we’re not flying in from the US or Australia. We’re local. We’re on the ground offering service and support on