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INSIDE ASIAN GAMING | June 2008 58 Feature G PI supplies all the casino operators in Macau and has a 90% share of the booming market. At G2E Asia 2008, the company will be showcasing an unrivalled range of chips, including the Bud Jones®, Paulson® and B&G® brands. GPI will also showcase innovative and exclusive security features to fight counterfeiting and a new collection of its famous state-of-the-art plaques, and will hold a demonstration of its leading RFID applications in both 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz frequencies. According to Christophe Leparoux, Manager International Sales & Marketing for GPI, the company will focus on highlighting its RFID products at“our biggest-ever booth at this year’s show.”Mr Leparoux says the company has been successfully deploying its RFID products throughout Asia, and at G2E Asia, plans to hold demonstrations of its 125 KHz technology readers and software—or CIDs™—with various applications of chip inventory and tracking. Also on display will be the ECS™ detection system and the company’s unique RFIDPoker™ table. He adds: “Following our recent agreement with Progressive Gaming, we will also display 13.56MHz PJM technology enabled readers allowing interfacing with PGIC’s gaming software and table management systems such as CIS™.” In addition to its RFID solutions, GPI will showcase other security features that have earned the company its status as the world’s most trusted casino chip supplier. As Mr Lepa r oux explains: “With or without RFID, a casinochipneeds to be sophisticated enough to deter counterfeiters and address each casino’s operational requirements.In that respect,we will be showing exclusive security features such as high security holograms, see- through inserts, UV inks and pigments and laser pigments, as well as a large range of available chips patterns and designs that only a specialised, reputable manufacturer such as GPI can provide” GPI is at the forefront of gaming chip innovation and promises to roll out new technologies to secure the chip bank. “We will be showing for the first time a new and very innovative technology aimed at protecting the casino’s asset, the chips, with a very unique, cost-effective device necessitating no addition or alteration to the chips,” says Mr Leparoux. GPI’s chips have proven extremely successful in Asia and particularly Macau over the years. Mr Leparoux attributes this to “our ability to understand and address our Asian partners’ specific needs as well as to our‘do first,talk after’approach.”He adds:“In that respect we are looking forward to participating this year again at what should be a hugely successful G2E Asia gaming show in this world class new venue of the Cotai Strip Exhibition Centre at The Venetian Macao.This promises to be a major event in the industry 2008 calendar.” The Chips Are Up Gaming Partners International (GPI), the world’s leading supplier of casino chips, will be showcasing its innovative range of products at G2E Asia, with RFID solutions in focus Aruze’s G-Series gaming machines offer dual transmissive LCD monitors that display high-resolution 3-D video animation effects during physical reel spins, drawing slot players into a uniquely high tech entertainment experience. Among the company’s latest game releases is the eye-catching Phoenix Seven™ , a beautifully styled 3-reel, 1-line hybrid slot game, that features a blazing phoenix that soars through the background and appears to literally pop out onto the screen on the game reels. At G2E Asia 2008, Aruze will be exhibiting its latest G-WAVE and G-ENEX cabinets, as well as new games including Phoenix Seven and Magnificent 7™ . The company has updated its older popular games and offered Chinese translations. Also, most of the games on display at Aruze’s stand feature the RESCUE PAY function, which offers players insurance in the form of a payout if they are unable to land a jackpot following an extended period of play. RESCUE PAY is an original system devised by Aruze. The company is seeking Flying Colors Aruze’s stunning 3-D graphics offer new heights of excitement to slot players to increase its share of the lucrative Macau gaming market, which it believes will become the largest market in the world. Towards meeting its growth aspirations, the company plans to release several new games in the second half of this year. The symbolic phoenix is not only the theme of Aruze’s new game, but is also featured prominently on its logo.“We hope to have casino operators understand who we are and where we are coming from once they see the symbol of the phoenix featured on our machines,” the company told Inside Asian Gaming .