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INSIDE ASIAN GAMING | June 2008 Japanese gaming equipment supplier Matsui will launch its new radio frequency identification (RFID) chip and security system at G2E Asia 2008. “We are proud to introduce our new RFID solution, Matsui-BIZ900 , at G2E Asia,” says Shigeki Machida, Managing Director of Matsui ’s Macau subsidiary. “Casino operators’ demand for even tighter security solutions for casino chips is increasing day by day. We have been supplying Matsui chips to casinos all over the world and the quality of both our products and services are very well appreciated. We are very excited that we can now let our clients know about our latest security product, which will surely enhance security at their tables, the cage and even back of house.” Ultra the answer According to Mr Machida, most RFID gaming chip suppliers have until nowbeen using either low frequency (LF) or high frequency (HF) magnetic field systems, but Matsui says its technology is different. “Our RFID is using a 900MHz frequency system.It is the first system to use ultra high frequency (UHF) RFID gaming chips and make them available in the whole marketplace,” explains Mr Machida “The problem with LF/HF is the accuracy of chip counting because they have difficulty in recognising the chips when they are stacked quite high. But UHF doesn’t have this problem and Matsui can even provide security gates that work alongside this technology. We believe that the impact of Matsui-BIZ900 will be enormous. It is going to change the security of casinos for the better and give the industry a whole new dimension,” adds Mr Machida. Table trappings The company will also use G2E Asia 2008 to show off best selling gaming table equipment such as its wool/synthetic playing surfaces and new products including card cutters and also electronic table signs made by the award winning Canadian firm Carmanah Technologies Corporation. Card cutters are particularly popular in Macau casinos because of the pounding given to playing cards by excited Chinese players during games of baccarat. “A card cutter is used on baccarat tables to cut off the corner of used playing cards during the game. We have already sold nearly 1,000 units of this product to casinos in Macau, and the latest version is going to be introduced at the show,” says Mr Machida. “This is yet another exciting step by Matsui and we’re looking forward to meeting all our customers at the show,”he adds. Matsui Asia is located at Stand 935 during G2E Asia 2008. Ultra High Quality Matsui unveils its new RFID chip and security products at G2E Asia a daily basis,” points out Mr Hanley. “It’s also important for customers to know we have a base in Macau and that I’m merely a short flight away from all the major gaming markets in Asia. With our partner JCM Global (Japan Cash Machine), we have two full-time engineers on staff in Macau specifically trained in the Epic 950 and available to offer technical support to customers.” Although the company has a dominant market share in local Asian markets such as Australia, Mr Hanley says there’s no room for complacency. “It’s all about understanding what casinos want, what management teams want, what players want and then working with OEMs to get our printer integrated into their machines to meet those requirements.” Transact