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February 2008 | INSIDE ASIAN GAMING 31 Paradise Entertainment Ltd has the Macau patent on electronic baccarat terminals based around a live-dealer game, blocking the entry of more recently developed competing products, such as Paradise’s Aces Hong Kong-listed Paradise Entertainment Ltd has unveiled the largest e-table casino in the world in Macau , hoping to parlay its local connections and innovative spirit to grab a greater slice of the booming gaming market. Inside Asian Gaming looks at the four aces up the company’s sleeve Shuffle Master Inc’s Rapid Baccarat™. Paradise’s LIVE Baccarat is a hybrid system, with players sat at electronic terminals that process bets on a game dealt by a live dealer. Having a live dealer makes LIVE Baccarat appear “more fair and believable” to players than fully automated baccarat multi- terminals, according to Paradise Entertainment Ltd Executive Director Aaron Park. Players also appear to be more engaged when playing against a live dealer than a computer generated image, and consequently are likely to bet more aggressively on the LIVE Baccarat system. Meanwhile, the automated processing Live-dealer baccarat Cover Story