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INSIDE ASIAN GAMING | February 2008 20 Vendor Profile T CS JOHNHUXLEY makes no idle boast when it proclaims on its corporate website: “The combination of manufacturing excellence, with innovation and product development means that everything you need for the casino of the future is in one place—from quality, hand- crafted furniture to cutting edge technical equipment which enhance the gaming experience, profits and security.” The company’s product range encompasses: ◊ Live Gaming – from chips, playing cards and displays to furnishings, table layouts and roulette wheels. ◊ Electronic Gaming – from slot machines and cabinets to the cutting- edge AccuPLAY Blackjack system and TouchTable Real Roulette. ◊ Automated Products – including the best chip sorter on the market, Chipper Champ. ◊ Gaming Systems & Security – including RFID, surveillance and table management systems, as well as the novel Brand Aroma,which allows casinos to mark their properties with uniquely identifiable scents. TCS JOHNHUXLEY stresses that it backs up all its products with personal after-sales service and technical support through its strategically based offices around the world. Asia expansion TCS JOHNHUXLEY is expanding rapidly in Asia, particularly in booming Macau, where its Asia office is located. Probably unbeknownst to most Macau casino-goers, the company’s products have a startlingly ubiquitous presence at the city’s casinos. According to TCS JOHNHUXLEY Corporate Development Director Tristan Sjöberg, the company supplies the layouts on 1,700 out of a total 4,375 gaming tables in Macau,giving it a 40% share.The company also provided all casino furniture at the swanky new MGM Grand Macau, which opened in December and could serve as an ideal showcase for its products, and help the company further boost its share of the local Running the Gaming Gamut No supplier exhibiting at ICE (International Casino Exhibition)2008 in London last month came close to offering the sheer range of products that TCS JOHNHUXLEY had on display at its expansive stand. Inside Asian Gaming caught up with Corporate Development Director Tristan Sjöberg at ICE to discuss some of the company’s new releases and its growth in Asia TCSJOHNHUXLEY Corporate Development Director Tristan Sjöberg