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INSIDE ASIAN GAMING | January 2008 I recently took up digital photography and wanted to learn more about how to improve my photos. I went to the book store to look for an instructional book. I looked in the photography section and I purchased a book titled “Digital Photogra- phy for Dummies”, because it was written for an inexperienced new user. I have used the“Dummies”books before to learn about many new subjects. Having worked in the casino industry for thirty years primarily in casino market- ing, I realize that most of what I know today came from “on-the-job”, hands-on experi- ence. I am currently self-employed as a ca- sino consultant specializing in all aspects of casino marketing. I have written and published numerous articles over the years about casino marketing. Nevertheless, I still feel that I am always learning new things about casino marketing and try to share them openly. I receive numerous requests every month for help from young people who want to either break into the casinomarket- ing field or who want to learn more to im- prove their present skills. As a result of this, I now realize that there is not a great deal of information available to young people who want to learn about casino marketing. I hope to offer some helpful recommenda- tions and suggestions. First, I think it is important for people to realize that it is often very difficult and frustrating to break into casino marketing in one of the better positions unless you have some unusual skill set, past work ex- perience or speak a desired foreign language. Most of the larger casinos around the world usually try to pro- mote from within in order to develop ca- reer paths for their own hard working, dedicated, loyal employees. Marketing seems to be one of the more glamor- ous desirable positions. Conse- quently, one strategy is to just get hired first by your compa- ny of choice—hopefully for a lower ranked position within the marketing division— and watch for any postings or listings of new open po- sitions that the casino wants to fill. It is a great way to learn from within and to climb the cor- porate ladder to a higher, more desirable marketing position. Second, I strongly believe that one of the more important things to do once on the “inside” of a new casino is to begin to assess who is who and who does what. In other words,look for the leaders in the mar- keting department. I also strongly believe in the mentoring process. Most successful casino marketing executives or casino op- erations executives can usually attribute part of their success to having found a good mentor who helped them early on in their career. A mentor is someone who takes you in under their wing as a protégé or just because they like you and then they make an extra effort to help you, guide you and advise you. Finding a good mentor is very important. You need to take the time 40 Casino Marketing Casino Marketing Steve Karoul offers advice on how best to learn about casino marketing to research this area very carefully and select someone who you think will be receptive to your request for help and that will be willing to make the effort to actually help and guide you. This is not an easy task so view it as a challenge. As a challenge, you have the right to be selec- tive and to change your mind should you find a better or more qualified mentor. Remember, you are the only one who can really control your own future so manage your efforts carefully and selectively. In addition, I strongly advise all new casino marketing career seekers to read