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INSIDE ASIAN GAMING | Oct 2007 32 Sports Betting Armed With Analysis StatsOnSport empowers bettors with an unprecedented breadth and depth of form analysis on a range of sports, giving them the confidence to wager more Bases Covered StatsOnSports covers over 200 major competitions and events worldwide, including: • The 5 major European football leagues: The Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1; UEFA Champions League, all major international tournaments—and selected domestic cup competitions • Major golf tournaments on both the US and European Tours • RBS Six Nations, Autumn Rugby Union internationals, Rugby World Cup • All England’s Test matches and ODIs, ICC Champions Trophy, Cricket World Cup • The four Tennis Grand Slams and selected Masters Series events • The full Grand Prix season F or years, horse-racing has led the way in ‘form’ analysis for gam- blers. Recent form,quality of race,strength of opposition,going, distance, effect of the draw, and form of the jockey and trainer are all factors considered and analysed by any number of publica- tions, form guides and information services. Until now, the same range and quality of form analysis has not been available for other sports. That is all changing thanks to Stat- sOnSport, a new company offering unprecedented sports-form pro- vision across six different sports. Since its launch in February 2006, StatsOnSport’s findings have had tongues wagging throughout the betting industry. StatsOnSport Director Mike Falconer explains: “Form in all sports can be dismantled in similar ways to horse-racing, but despite the rapid growth in volumes in new sports-betting markets, the quality of analysis has lagged light years behind. We will ensure that the newbreed of sports-bettor can approach their decision-makingwith confidence.” StatsOnSport’s analysis covers soccer, golf, tennis, cricket, formula one and rugby union—all sports with high levels of inherent form patterns. StatsOnSport realised that by combining scientific rigour with a deep understanding of the key drivers of each of the sports concerned, it could give bettors a significant edge. An advantage based not on opinion, but fact. StatsOnSport relies on three core ca- pabilities: data collection and manipulation, proprietary modelling software and a unique team of sports-analysts. Uncovering patterns Take any football match.Whilst other data providers, particularly those in the football realm, have satisfied themselves with analy- sis-free tables, often with- out many constraints beyond ‘this season’,‘play- ing away’ or ‘last six games’, StatsOnSport examines matches/ events individu- ally for unique form patterns. How have the teams performed his- torically with the form they bring into this particular game? How do the teams fare regionally? Away in January? Against top-half teams? After an away defeat? Through its data analysis, StatsOnSport looks to identify the key performance characteristics for each team—and thus, of the game they are playing. In other sports, StatsOnSport can provide analysis of cricket teams when conceding large totals, golfers out of contention, Grand Prix drivers when on the second row—or out of the points. The strongest trends are presented, evaluated and a view given. For example, in the last round of EPL games, as nearly-relegated Wigan went to in-form West Ham, StatsOnSport subscribers were informed of the following pattern, in the context of a 500-word match preview: “West Ham developed a pathological tendency to concede first last season, doing so in 11/19 games at Upton Park (eight of which they went on to lose)—and have repeated this season already against Man City. This plays into Wigan’s hands—the Latics scoring first in a remarkable 21/39 away games since promotion—and an extraordi- nary 20/31 when their appalling ‘big-four record’ is excluded. They’ve gone on to win only 11 of these. It’s unlikely we’ll find stronger reasons to back Wigan scoring first away this season—and that they won’t go on to win.” Wigan took the lead in the 79th minute,West Ham equalising five minutes later through Lee Bowyer. The game ended 1-1. StatOnSport’s analysis relies on sophisticated city-style model- ling systems, which can cope with myriad variables—and quickly generate telling evidence. StatOnSport has developed a range of software search products, tailored to each of the sports it covers. The software is powerful and quick enough not only to scrutinize issues coming into events, but also those that emerge as the events are taking place.