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cau, for someof the things thatMacauhas to
offer. But we think that they’re alsogoing to
come very specifically to enjoy our facilities.
Youcandoeverythingunderour roof.”
As for where they will come from, Mr.
Blaiklock has a fairly clear idea: “It will be
predominantly from Hong Kong or coming
throughHongKong.We seemaybe 70 to80
percent coming fromHong Kong, including
what comes fromChina throughHongKong.
The remainder will come from Southeast
Asia, and therewill be apercentage thatwill
come predominantly from North America.
Any North American visitation into Hong
Kong, for example, if they knowwe exist in
the States, they knowwe’re just a ferry ride
or a helicopter ride away from Hong Kong.
They’ll comevisit.”
While LVSwill seek to turnMacau into a
the region’s largest trade shows to its sprawl-
ing expo facilities, Mr. Blaiklock says Wynn
Macau is “looking at the smaller,more high-
end, more discerning type of event. We’re
focusedon social events.Theweddingsbusi-
ness is one that is growing. If you provide a
completeexperience ina resortenvironment
then you could start attracting couples from
Hong Kong to come and have their wed-
er incentives. It’s amuchmore personalised
space.But it isapurpose-built, fully function-
LVS’ plans are perhaps more exciting
andultimately couldbemoreprofitable,but
whilemanyquestionwhether theChinacon-
ventions business is sufficiently developed
to support LVS’ trade show ambitions at this
point in time, there is clearly amarket right
now for luxuriousvenues inMacauandHong
Kong tohostsmallercorporatemeetingsand
feel that there isa strongmarket thatwecan
attract, that will fill our spaces from those
Wynn Macau’s grand ballroom is about
1,000 sq. metres, which can seat a dinner
event with 60 tables of 12. Mr. Blaiklock re-
veals thegrandballroomwill have“a full the-
atrical stagewith a flyloft, sowe’ll be able to
stageproductionsor allowor facilitateevent
organisers to stage their own. It’s abeautiful
area. It’sadestinationareaunto itself.”Andof
course, it is on a scale that caters todemand
WynnMacau is confident it can tap.
Facing theOldWorld
Mr. Blaiklock explains the rationale behind
SteveWynn’sdecision to locatehisfirstprop-
erty inMacau directly opposite Stanley Ho’s
flagship Lisboa Hotel, an icon of Macau’s
past.“He [Mr.Wynn]wanted this sitebecause
it was in the best location inMacau. It’s the
best location rightopposite theLisboahotel,
at the focal point of the [FriendshipAvenue]
strip. It’s the best location because it’s the
centre of the business district. It’s also the
cultural centre of the city,with access to the
[Senado] Square and that whole area. And
it’s also a very scenic location tobe in.You’re
lookingoutoverNamVanLake. It’salsogreat
from the point of view of accessibility from
the ferry terminal. It’sadirect ride.”
shipAvenue,astripwhich runs from the ferry
terminal and alongwhich LVS’ SandsMacau
also sits. Galaxy StarWorld and MGM Grand
Macauwill also open along that strip.Vene-
tianMacau,meanwhile,will form the anchor
ofanewstripbeingdevelopedonCotai– the
namegiven to thestripof reclaimed landbe-
tweenColoaneandTaipa islands.
It is believed the emerging Friendship
Avenue Strip will be more of an “adult,”
day-tripper destination than the Cotai Strip,
whichwill havemore sprawling resortswith
large-scale conventions, entertainment and
shopping facilities. Wynn Macau will pre-
sumably appeal more to the type of crowd
destined for theCotai Strip,butMr.Blaiklock
does not believe being off Cotai will prove
an obstacle to the property becauseMacau
is so small and “even in the worst of times,
it only takes ten or fifteen minutes to get
across” from the Macau peninsula to Cotai.
He adds that some peoplewho need to at-
tend conventions or exhibitions on Cotai
“may choose not to be housed in that area,
andwe think that we’ll be their best choice
forbeing inMacau.”
Of course,WynnMacauunderstands the
appeal of Cotai, andwill build its next prop-
erty there, though clear details have yet to
emerge. In March, Wynn Macau applied to
the Macau government for a 21.9-hectare
site on the Cotai Strip to develop four ho-
tels, three with casinos. In May, SteveWynn
revealedduringa conference call toanalysts
hewas in talks toopenahotel under theFer-
rari brand name as part of his Cotai project,
though no further news of the discussions
hasyet emerged.
AcknowledgingHis Rival
Mr.Wynnalso told theanalysts that hisCotai
projectwould include large-scaleconvention
facilities.“A very aggressive convention pro-
gram ... is going to be part of our land use,”
he said, adding “we share some of the other
companies’ views that Macau has a bright
convention future and that we will be able
to sustain large amounts of midweek occu-
pancywith groups that will come toMacau
thoughasMr.Adelsonpointedout in the last
issue of this magazine,WynnMacauwill be
twoandahalfyearsbehindLVS indeveloping
large-scaleconventions facilities.Mr.Adelson
charges his competitors offer “too little too
late,” but perhapsWynn Macau’s more pru-
dent strategywill bevindicated if it turnsout
that LVSoffers“toomuch too soon.”
Living room in one-bedroom suite
Ballroom promenade
Deluxe room
Grand deluxe room
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