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WynnMacau is scheduled toopenonSeptember 5, becoming the first full-fledgedVegas-styledestination resort
toopen in the city (the following images fromWynn Las Vegas offer an idea of what the propertywill offer).
Much larger casino-centred resortswill follow hot on its heels, but ExecutiveDirector of Hotel OperationsMark-
landBlaiklock believesWynnMacauwill maintain its appeal among amore discerning crowd
n the last issue of Inside Asian Gam-
ing, Las Vegas Sands Corp (LVS) Chairman
SheldonAdelson sought to deride the scale
ofWynnMacau in relation to themammoth
Venetian Macau property he is developing
along the Cotai Strip, but the folks atWynn
Macau are not concerned.They have a clear
idea of the high-end niche the 600-room
WynnMacauwill fill in the emergingMacau
resort market when it opens on September
5th,andbelieve theycan retain theirposition
even after the 3,000-suite Venetian Macau
opens inmid-2007.
ARoom-for-Room Comparison
WynnMacau has a strict policy of not com-
to respondon its behalf toMr.Adelson’s un-
The total budget for Wynn Macau, in-
cludinganexpansion scheduled for comple-
tionby thefirst half of 2007, comes to about
US$1.2 billion. Venetian Macau, meanwhile,
will costUS$2.3billion.While it’shardly rigor-
ous tomake such a comparison, thatmeans
each room atWynnMacauwill have almost
3.5 times asmuch investment devoted to it
Venetian Macau may enjoy economies
of scale, but it will also spend a lot more
money on other facilities.WynnMacauwill
have 13 shops in its mall and 24,000 sq. ft
ofmeeting space,whileVenetianMacauwill
have350 shops and1.2million sq. ft of con-
vention and exhibition space.WynnMacau
will add a 600-seat theatre in its expansion
phase, while Venetian Macau will boast a
1,800-seat theatre and15,000-seat stadium.
Mr.Adelsonuses suchcomparisons toargue
Wynn Macau’s claims to be a destination
resort are a“joke.”WynnMacau can equally
claim that room-for-room, it is spending a
lot more on providing Vegas-style luxury
Wynn Macau is a mirror-image, scaled-
down version of the 2,716-roomWynn Las
Vegas, though it’s hard to discern the differ-
ence in scale from thepictures,or even from
street-level. The architects eliminated scale-
revealingdetails from theoriginal property’s
glass façade in order to disguise the size
of the hotel – the Vegas property pictured
across is in fact 50-storeys tall.Wynn Las Ve-
gas cost US$2.7 billion, and is currently con-
sidered themostexpensivegamingcomplex
ever built – each room has about US$1mil-
lion in spending associated to it,while each
room atWynnMacauwill have about US$2
million.WynnMacaucanperhapsclaim tobe
the world’s most pricey gaming resort on a
room-for-roombasis.EvenafterLVSopens its
US$3.6 billion 2,500-room integrated resort
in Singapore’s Marina Bay,WynnMacau can
continuemaking thatboast.
Small Benefits
ANewYorkTimes reviewofWynn LasVegas
gushedabout the facilities,from thespacious
bathtubswhichfill in record time to thegal-
lery featuring paintings from Steve Wynn’s
fabled private collection. The recurring fault
the reviewpointed towas theenormous size
of the property, which “makes impromptu
movements practically impossible.” For ex-
ample, “say you’re at the pool and decide
youwant to readanewspaper.Do you really
want to spend half an hour walking to the
gift shop?”Waiting for an elevator in the 50-
storey property “can bemaddening,” and in
themorning,“youmaynotwant tohike to a
restaurant for yourfirst cupof coffee.”
tiveDirector of Hotel Operations, points out
that theWynn LasVegas property“is kindof
twohotels inone– the resort sideof theho-
tel, and then there’s the tower suite side.The
tower suite side isabout600 rooms.We’reon
aprettycomparablescale to the tower suite.”
It seemsWynnMacau is not merely amini-
me toWynnVegas,but perhaps also adistil-
lationof itsmost luxuriouselements.
Mr. Blaiklock explains that the 16-acre
Wynn Macau will break the mould in the
city by having all shops, restaurants and
entertainment facilities on one level. This
will necessitate some walking around, but
hardly as much as at your typical mega-re-
sort – a half-hour walk fromWynnMacau’s
pool would get youmost of theway to the
Wynn Macau will attempt to entertain
visitors from“evenbefore theycome into the
property,” says Mr. Blaiklock, referring to the
“performance lake”at theentrance featuring
amusically choreographedwater showwith
fire effects andprojectedholographic imag-
es.“Justthegeneralambienceof theproperty
isoneof funandgaietyand it isacaptivating
one,”he says, although the theatrewill only
becompleted in theexpansionphase.
Wynn Macau’s guests can unwind at a
lushpool gardenor at the spa.Theycandine
natural light andviewsover thepool garden,
oroutover theexteriorof theproperty, look-
ing out over Nam Van lake or over our per-
formance lake in front of the property,”says
Mr.Blaiklock.The signature restaurantwill be
Cantonese, with top chefs hired from Hong
Kong.Therewill alsobe Japanese and Italian
restaurants, a noodle shop, aMacanese/Por-
tuguesecaféanda“food fair.”
Defining theNiche
According to Mr. Blaiklock, Wynn Macau
aims to bring “a new customer to Macau.”
The property’s core businesswill come from
“peoplewhoare looking foradestinationex-
perience.They’ll come to thedestination,Ma-
Evening pool cabanas
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