IAG 2006-01 Jan - page 4-5

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January 2006
GoingWith theGamingFlow
Page 9~
Tourof theContenders
toMacau’s gaming crown
Page 14~
onMacau gaming stocks?
Page 17~SJM’s
Page 21~Gaming’s
ABit Fishy
in Japan
Page 26~
LasVegas inEurope?
Page 29~LasVegas Sands to build
Cotai’s IslandAnnex
Page 30~CLSA’sAaronFischer looks at
TheOtherSide of theRevenueRace
Page 32~
Regional Briefs
Page 35~
Our casinomarketing guru takes a stab atMacau’s casino entertainment offerings
Page 38~
International Briefs
Page 40~
LasVegas StyleRecruitment
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