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Giesecke & Devrient has brought its expertise in high-volume banknote processingto Solaire and with typically impressive results

Friday, 24 May 2013 16:16
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Giesecke & Devrient, known around the world as a leader in large-scale cash-processing technologies, has raised its profile in the gaming industry in a big way with the customized end-to-end solution it is providing for Asia’s newest megaresort.

Ensuring that cash moves smoothly, efficiently and securely in the demanding environment of a 21st century casino is a specialty for G&D, which is accustomed to designing the high-volume systems required by central and commercial banks and cash-transit enterprises.

For Solaire Resort & Casino, which opened in March at Manila’s fledgling Entertainment City leisure complex, G&D put together a tailored portfolio of hardware and software components to integrate the resort’s business segments—the allimportant operations of the cage, of course, together with the restaurants, shops and the hotel—into a single, flexible system for fast, reliable, fully automated, high-security cashprocessing.



“Solaire is one of the largest and most modern casinos in the world. This makes absolute precision and high productivity indispensable,” says Jim Goodwin, director of Market Segment Casinos for Munich-based G&D. “We worked closely with the customer to develop and implement a suitable concept for fully integrated banknote processing, based on careful analysis of the location itself.”

There is quite a lot involved in counting multiple currencies, inspecting their authenticity, value and fitness and sorting them according to denomination, series, orientation and condition and at high speed. Solaire’s system is built around three products, all of which will be exhibited at G2E Asia this month, each with an integral part to play in fulfilling these core functions.

First, there’s the BPS C4, the hub of the count room, a modular workhorse that can be set to recognize up to 100 different currencies and process up to five of them simultaneously. The C4 was designed especially for the highest-volume environments and is capable of a throughput of up to 40,000 notes an hour. That’s 12 notes per second. It comes with up to 20 delivery compartments for allowing a variety of processing types in a single pass and header cards to ensure that small deposits are efficiently processed and securely balanced. It’s modular, too, and therefore adaptable to a wide range of processing requirements. Only one operator is required for the different sorting procedures, but it can be variably configured to allow for a maximum number of jobs to be run at the same time. And it easily integrates into existing management systems via a LAN interface. Options and accessories include: single currency adaptation for almost 100 currencies and adaptations for processing up to five currencies on a single unit; a pneumatic module designed for handling poor-quality banknotes; configurable reporting languages; an external printer, mouse and keyboard; external components for invalidating and/or destroying banknote bundles; and closed circuit television for displaying count data.

The similarly versatile Numeron and the compact BPS C1 complement their big brother with an array of powerful desktop tools. The Numeron handles all kinds of banknote qualities and substrates at a best-in-class 1,200 notes per minute with authentication provided by the patented CashRay 180 sensor. Color touchscreens simplify input. And integrated printerto- document accounting and statistical reports are a snap. The BPS C1, the “allrounder,” as G&D likes to call it, is a dual stacker that delivers rapid sorting, superior authentication and verification and multiple processing for up to 10 currencies. Its robust capabilities and small footprint make it ideal for cage and cash center use.

Solaire also plans to employ G&D’s innovative Bank Express System to automate the bank-out function in the employee cage bank as well as track inventories and cash balances. Working in tandem with G&D’s Compass Casino, Bank Express is designed to provide controlled and secure access to 150 pre-assembled satellite employee banks, each containing up to 1,000 banknotes and up to six rolls of coins. Delivering average dispense times of seven seconds, it allows cashiers to complete transactions efficiently, ensuring they spend less time in the back office and more time serving guests on the floor.

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