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NetEnt launches employee reality TV-style series

Monday, 08 May 2017 22:55
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Leading digital gaming solutions provider NetEnt has created a first-of-its-kind production that features and engages staff across the business and demonstrates its successful challenger culture.

NetEnt’s innovative content marketing campaign launched Monday with the premiere of its web series The Challenge. Episodes one and two will air simulcast across all NetEnt offices and the entire series can be followed online at

More than 900 employees at seven global locations will combine to help a team of four NetEnters climb one of the tallest mountains in the European Alps as part of the unique, own-brand web series.

Filmed and broadcast in a reality TV-style, The Challenge will document the team’s progress, which will be aided by tasks completed by all employees across the business. They have been undertaking their own work-related missions for the past three months to help their colleagues prepare to scale the summit.

The web series aims to help cement NetEnt’s reputation as a leader and innovator in the tech sector, and position the premium gaming supplier as a first choice for top talent in a highly competitive field.

 Taking place over eight episodes, the series will present a rare insight into the workings of a major, multi-national organization. The open and authentic behind-the-scenes look at the progressive tech company will provide the gaming industry and beyond the chance to learn more about NetEnt and its culture.

The Challenge is designed to communicate the values of NetEnt’s Better Mondays concept, turning them into actions, and showing how NetEnt tackles – and overcomes – challenges together. NetEnt believes that all its employees should be positive about going to the office on a Monday morning; work should be stimulating, fun and allow individuals to develop every day.