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Alfastreet plans a big push in Asian markets

Tuesday, 15 June 2010 08:00
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Alfastreet, a leading manufacturer of casino electronic multi player games, will round off a very successful half year in Asian sales with a big showing at G2E Asia.

"This year has already proven to be very successful for us for in the Asia Pacific region," says Albert Radman, Alfastreet's Sales Director for Asia.

"We have managed to sign deals in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore and Macau. We introduced some new products to the market, including Alfastreet Texas Hold'em Poker, Alfastreet Black Jack and Alfastreet Baccarat. We have also introduced our multigame platform, which enables the player to play several games at one single terminal," he adds.

The company, based in Slovenia—an international centre of excellence when it comes to manufacturing multiplayer games—says all its games can now be played in 'auto' or live dealer versions. The flexibility of the 'auto' option helps to reduce operator costs during quieter periods on the casino floor, while the availability of live play helps to maximise player engagement and boost revenues in busy periods, especially in high betting volume markets such as Macau.

"After our success in the Asia Pacific region, we will now put our efforts in to placing more of our products in the Macau market," says Mr Radman.

"We have recently tested our latest machines in a few casinos in Macau and the response was more than good," he adds.

"With Alfastreet's top grade service and competitive terms, we are sure we will make an impact on this market as well—both in terms of selling individual machines and packages of machines."


The company says all its products are Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) approved and ready for sale in all the relevant Asian territories, including the Singapore and Macau markets. Alfastreet has appointed a sales manager for Asia based in Asia, to guide and assist the company's local service and support team.

"That's to make sure we satisfy all customer requirements and all regulatory requirements in these important markets," explains Mr Radman.

At G2E Asia, Alfastreet will be presenting its new WDKY live roulette, Texas Hold'em Poker, and its latest multi-game system.

WDKY roulette is an exciting take on the popular casino game of roulette, with live roulette wheel and electronic gaming stations. The product has a particular appeal to casino operators looking to maximise use of their valuable floor space because of its clever design. It can accommodate eight players, but at the same time it has a very compact 'footprint' on the casino floor.

"This table is beautifully designed, with comfortable and userfriendly roulette terminals," states Mr Radman.

Player options

Texas Hold'em Poker is one of Alfastreet's latest editions, and the company says it is proving to be a success among European and South American operators. It's a ten-player game, with many extra options including Sit & Go and Multi Table Tournaments, various game variations and different payment options, and is also player tracking enabled.

"Alfastreet Multi Game Solutions is one of our most advanced and most innovative products," says Albert Radman.

"This system enables connection of various different games to a single terminal, where a player can make a choice on which game he wants to play. Or he may choose to play more games simultaneously. Games available are Alfastreet Roulette, Sic Bo, Baccarat and Bingo, with more to come."

Alfastreet Baccarat and Alfastreet Black Jack are both available in live and auto version.

"Operators can actually switch between both options which is actually a great advantage as the machine remains operational full time," points out Mr Radman.

"For the live version of these games, we have developed a special card reading system that will read any casino playing cards, with no need of any markings, bar codes or similar.

"We're very excited to be at G2E Asia 2010 and are looking forward to showing our excellent range of products and solutions to the regional market," says Mr Radman.

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