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Thursday, 26 October 2017 15:15
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The MGS Entertainment Show will take a look into the future of the gaming industry this year with a number of exhibitors showing off their technological innovations.

Macau’s future as a “smart city” will be the core theme of this year’s MGS Entertainment Show, to be held at the Venetian Macao from 14 to 16 November 2017.

The event will focus on the concept of a smart city by showcasing different interpretations and demonstrations of technological innovations. The theme will be expressed through casual, interactive experiences in the areas of intelligent lifestyle systems, intelligent business systems, intelligent transport systems and intelligent production systems to create a wholesome and dynamic experience.

One of these experiences will be found at the booth of Qihan. The Shenzhenbased video analysis company made a dramatic entrance into the world of service robotics last year with the launch of their line of Sanbot robots. Beginning with a service industry robot called Elf, Sanbot made inroads with airport services and border security as well as with shopping malls and entertainment venues. 

The emotionally expressive, touchsensitive, thermal-scanning, multilingual Elf is showing that human-robot interactions are the future. Sanbot has also introduced King Kong this year – a bigger, stronger, faster and more human like version of Elf – with both to feature at the Qihan booth.

Another company making its presence known at this year’s MGS Entertainment Show is none other than Alibaba with the Chinese giant set to showcase its cloud computing service. Alibaba Cloud provides basic services like website hosting and batch email management, but their progress on the leading edge of data analytics and the machine learning field of artificial intelligence is also impressive.

Alibaba Cloud is China’s largest provider of public cloud computing services and this summer entered into an agreement with the Macau SAR to bring improvements to the territory’s infrastructure for tourism, healthcare, transportation and government, as well as to improve the professional training in information technology available to students in Macau so as to support the labor needs of Macau’s smart city ambitions. The innovations made by Alibaba Cloud are promising to transform Macau and cities throughout China and the same goes for the advanced analytics and facial recognition companies like Hikvision can provide the gaming industry.

A leading international player affecting the public’s security and privacy, the ability of Hikvision’s surveillance technology to piece together a narrow set of relevant events from a vast supply of video footage has changed the way investigations and security monitoring are conducted.

Technology will also be at the heart of this year’s MGS Summit, which will pose the question: can gaming deliver the key technological advances and financial solutions to inspire the ambitious cross-continental economic development plan?

Featuring almost 20 sessions on subjects ranging from next-gen technology, government partnerships, economic investment, new territories and artificial intelligence to engaging multimedia millennials, the MGS Summit 2017 will assemble representatives from the Chinese Government, industry innovators, the world’s major investment houses and operators from the emerging and established markets to discuss these far-reaching issues.

The challenge facing the internationally renowned panelists and speakers this year will be to identify how gaming, in all its forms, can help shape the business and technological landscape, from potential and emerging markets such as Japan to established hubs like Macau and all the way along the old Silk Road. In doing so, panelists will deliver their verdicts on how the broad-based gaming and entertainment industry can deliver “Smart Cities and Smart Economies.”

“The international gaming industry has reached a pivotal stage in its development,” said Chairman of MGS Organizer, the Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association. “Next-gen technology is the powerhouse of our business and the new wave promises so much more for us, especially with the ambitious and lucrative economic project along the Silk Road trading route gathering momentum.

“This year’s MGS Summit has to examine the rising forces within our industry, such as new platforms, AI, VR and payment systems and see how they can pioneer a smarter business ethos across all industries and communities and drive a smarter and healthier economy.”

“We now have a multi-trillion-dollar trading plan underway in the shape of the Belt and Road, expanding economies from east to west. The gaming industry has an opportunity to ensure that our new technology can make cities prosperous both financially and through exciting innovations that bring greater entertainment, education and efficiency to every level of our community.

“The Summit will piece together the process for building a model that will drive the Smart City, Smart Economy ethos across the world.”

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